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this is an anonymous prompt meme for Infinite. your fill can be in the form of fanfic or fanart. request and fill to your heart's content. there will be a new post every 2 weeks 100 comments.

thanks drrrkink for the code (@ ̄∇ ̄@)


  • prompt posts must be anonymous. you may un-anon when filling a prompt.

  • pairings/ot3s go in the subject header & please don't use pairing names (alphabetical order would be preferred). eg. Sunggyu/Woohyun, Myungsoo/Anyone, Sunggyu/Sungjong/Sungyeol etc.

    • if member centric, please type: (member)-centric. eg. Sunggyu-centric

    • if it is a crossover pairing, please list the Infinite member first and then whoever it is after including which group they are part of. eg. Sunggyu/Nell: Jongwan, Myungsoo/Death Note: L etc.

  • please warn appropriately for potentially triggering content eg. rape/non-con, dubious consent/dub-con, bestiality/zoophilia, necrophilia, character death, graphic depictions of violence, sexualization of minors, self-injury etc.

  • picture and video prompts should be posted as links. please indicate if nsfw!

  • multiple fills and fills on old prompts are totally fine and encouraged

    • if your fill takes more than one comment, please reply to your first fill instead of the whole thread

  • if you're filling a prompt from an old post, remember to post the link to the current post

  • if you do a fill for every prompt you make, then profit for everyone! n__n

questions? suggestions? concerns? leave a message here or contact: infinitepromptmeme @ gmail

for educational purposes:
how to leave a prompt:

how to fill a prompt:

and have fun n_n

I have a question, what about unfilled prompts from former post? Can we write the prompts again in the new post? Or can we fill in, in the former post? And thank you for making this community! :D

you can't repost old prompts in the new post. you can fill the prompt in the old post and then post a link to your fill in the new post like this:

Ok, thank you for answering :D

It seems maybe you missed this fill from the 1st post?

thank you, it's been added to the current post

mod, i left a prompt on the third post that's been marked as spam and isn't appearing. any way you can turn those settings off so we can post links? thank you!!!

thank you, it's been unspammed and i've turned off the spam filter

ending a post at 39 comments seem like a waste :( just a suggestion, but why not consider increasing time lapses between posts?

to explain my reasoning, i made a new post because i wanted to indicate that it's not dead (yet). however you are right, i made a mistake in making a new post when the old one didn't even have any fills. so, i'm going to move the latest prompts to post #3 and leave post #3 open until a certain comment threshold.

ty for your suggestion

to the prompts have to be centred around a kink/fetish/porn?

no, you are free to prompt whatever you like as long as the rules are followed (post warnings for sensitive content and nsfw links). gen or pairingless prompts included

can someone delete this post?


I found a post on post #7 that wasn't a prompt or a fill:

could mods delete this post, since it is irrelevant and clogs up the post feed? thanks!

Re: can someone delete this post?

since this was something that needs to be pointed out i've left the original post (frozen) and my reply to it so it will be clearer in future

just a silly question for the mods

where is infinite fic most active these days? do most people still post on dashidorawa, or have they shifted to ao3?

Re: just a silly question for the mods

in my unprofessional opinion, a lot of the lj writers have either retired or post on ao3 now. aff is still active as far as i know. not sure about fic writers on tumblr since i don't know a lot of them

Re: just a silly question for the mods

da, why the shift from LJ to ao3? (reminds me of back when a bunch of writers were planning to move to dw but it didn't come to fruition). i miss LJ's community orientated fic comms :(

Re: just a silly question for the mods

i can't speak for the whole community, but try kficanon @ dreamwidth for fic-related discussion


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